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UK Voice Connectivity


UK telephone keystone master or secondary socket These UK telephone keystone sockets are designed to enable use of UK voice in any of our many keysto... Full Details


COMMZBOX The COMMZBOX is a highly durable weatherproof housing designed to allow data and/or voice cabling to... Full Details


VDSL 2 High Speed Centralised Filter + Combined Unit The VDSL 2 High Speed Centralised Filter is a plug-in faceplate designed to replace the customer con... Full Details


Network termination units NTE5A and CTE5A The NTE5A and CTE5A are UK industry standard network termination units. They are fitted inside custo... Full Details

8A XJYAdg, 8B XJRBdg

8A and 8B gel crimps Gel crimps are essential connectivity items for telecoms cabling installers. The featured products a... Full Details

ADSL Splitter

ADSL Splitter This high specification (SIN346) inline microfilter has been specifically designed to implement low ... Full Details

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